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There are many forms of discrimination including sexual, racial, disability and religious.


The problem arises usually from unequal treatment due to the person’s gender, race, disability or religious beliefs.


It is unlawful to discriminate in recruiting, promoting employees, access to benefits and dismissal on these grounds.


Sexual Harassment is just one example of discrimination and can take many forms such as insensitive jokes and/or pranks; lewd comments about appearance; unnecessary body contact; displays of sexually offensive material, for example pin-ups; requests for sexual favours; speculation about an employee’s private life and/or sexual activities; threatened or actual sexual violence; threat of dismissal, loss of promotion etc. for refusal of sexual favours.


Racial Discrimination can be on the grounds of colour, nationality, race or ethnic/religious origins. It can be abusive language and racist jokes; racial name calling; The display or circulation of racially offensive, written or visual material including graffiti; physical threats, assault and insulting behaviour or gestures; open hostility towards workers or other individuals of a particular racial group, (including organised hostility) in the workplace; unfair allocation of work and responsibilities; exclusion from normal workplace conversation or social events.

If a claim for these forms of discrimination is successful the employee may be awarded damages for injured feelings or for loss of opportunity in the job market and can go beyond the basis loss of wages. In fact there are no limits on the level of compensation an Industrial Tribunal can award for sexual discrimination


Disability Discrimination involves very similar problems to the other forms of discrimination and can take the form of being treated unequally because of a disability or be harassed because of their particular disability.